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fun game eventhough i couldn't pick up weapons :/ my character just did it automatically sometimes

Very fun FPS! couldn't find out how to heal though so it was very difficult!

Really cool game! i liked the shooting and enemies, although i did encounter quite abit of bugs and issues.

-in the first mission where you are supposed to cross a bride to get to the other side, the bridge had no hitbox and it was impossible to get to the other side. it didn't even collide with my bullets.

-i think you should be able to change the volume of sound effects, music and voice lines. the game was WAYYY to loud when i first started it so i had to lower the volume of windows it self which was pretty annoying.

-after i encountered the bug with the bridge and i couldn't progress, i wanted to quit the game, but when i tried to do so it just took me to the lobby and i had to sit through that whole cutscene.

-i think the game has an awesome soundtrack but it got a little repetitive after awhile, mayby make it a little longer.

-i also think the sprint was a little wierd, it was way to fast for my liking and i thought it was pretty annoying when the camera's FOV changed so much. i would also really appreciate if you made it so you can strafe while sprinting.

i hope my feedback helped you! i think this could be an amazing game if you just fixed my problems listed above. and also, why is it free? i'd honeslty be happy to pay around 5 dollars for a game of this quality.

Really fun endless runner! here's some feedback though:

-you can buy new ships eventhough you dont have enough money, just check wether or not the player has enough money, and only then do you give them the ship and reduce the money. this is qiute a game-breaking bug so i suggest that you spend a little more time testing the game before shipping it.

-i think the perspective is a little wierd sometimes, it's hard to know if you're in the right place or not. mayby bring the camera down abit to a level closer to the ship.

-i think you should tilt the ship slightly when steering to the sides, mayby also smooth out the movement a little it feels abut to responsive

Thx i’ll try

seems like a really nice game, tried downloading it but windows firewall blocked it and i cant get it to run. have any solutions?