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I have no problem with human girl interaction besides in real life usually once one girl shows an interest in a guy other girls start showing interest as well trying to figure out what is so good about him. Makes sense the same thing would happen here all the human girls should be thinking hmmm there must be something about him that is extra special since he has a slime girl, an ancient & strong mummy and one of the most violent dragon bandits to have ever existed all follow him around like lost puppies. What is the secret must find out at any cost and of course by then they have fallen for him just like the monster girls.

Thank you for the quick response and the link to that video it gave me a laugh. I understand you not wanting to spoil anything but just you responding helps me figure out which parts of my theories were correct so thank you for that much.

So Matt is finally going to become popular with human girls and end up with two harems he is going to have to try and merge good for him (or would the proper phrase be good for me?) now I am looking forward to chapter 2 even more.

Well hope we can talk again once the next chapters come out and maybe if things go well for you we can chat about future games you make afterwords.

Thanks for posting how to unlock the last CG on another note I have a few theories based on what we learned in chapter 1 on what will be coming in future chapters you don't have to confirm them but a hint on if I am going in the right direction would be nice.

I noticed in Ruby's dialogue that she seems to really hate humans specifically human men and it seems she has for a very long time as she shows attraction to pretty girls the exception to her hate is of course Matt who she has already fallen in love with much like the other girls. Am I right in thinking that it was a human adventurer that cut off her wings after seducing her (probably to fulfill a quest for a set of dragon wings) and that is the reason she has become a rampaging bandit that shows little mercy for humans? If my theory is correct will we learn a bit more about her backstory and help her put this issue to rest that clearly still bothers her even though she puts on a brave face and says otherwise?

Also am I correct in thinking that the sword she made for Matt will be important in the long run I don't know about anyone else but I would think a sword that was personally forged by a dragon and given to someone would both have a special meaning as it kind of seems like something a dragon would only do for someone special and also have special powers because well lets face it something forged by a dragon is probably better then any human forged sword so maybe it has a bit of magic in it and is naturally stronger then other swords.

I also noticed the cloaked girl arms look like doll arms from other monster girl games so am I correct in thinking that she is just that a living doll which if it follows that logic of other games would mean she is a type of undead herself being a soul that animates a doll body. Which is why all the living things like the plants around her die its because she needs to absorb life energy in order to continue existing due to the fact she is a type of undead. Also I think everyone that has played the game has already figured out that Matt is likely the son of the person the cloaked girl has memories of which is why he looks like him and why she is obsessed its also very obvious that Matt's shield is very very important.

Lastly the Royal Knight Cynthia that we met at the end of the game will she become a member of Matt's growing harem? I mean it seems kind of weird for you guys to go out of your way to give her a name unless she was going to play a big part in the future even though she didn't have a picture. So if I had to take a wild guess after Matt talks with the Queen she is going to order Cynthia to assist Matt in defeating the undead army and the cloaked girl. I have a few theories about the Queen but I don't want to list them all as it would result in this already long comment being twice as long but she will be getting a lot of screen time wont she my gut just tells me she will.

Also Congrats on how much money you guys are getting from patreon 1,200 per month is pretty good hope you guys reach your next goal so chapters 2 and 3 can be much much longer then 1 because I really enjoyed chapter 1 and I am looking forward to more content from you guys.