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Well the fact of the matter is, no, I havent played the game in any of the new updates since my last comment, Im not going to pay more money every single time an update comes out because the developer continues to paywall every single version of the game with a bigger price tag. its not worth it, spend your money elsewhere, this is a scam.

Don't waste your money on this game here (or any other games by Nekuma), you are just wasting money for 1 version and then being locked out of every future update with a price increase and paywall lockout. The patreon is more than likely the same way but requiring a forced payment every month when there might only be 1 updated every 4-5 months if you are lucky.

I bought it twice,  as a standalone and the valentines bundle with the other game for AR. Nekuma's excuse is that is too difficult to figure out how to fix this issue but yet continues to use the website, despite NOBODY else having this problem and cant be bothered to contact anyone to "learn" how to fix a problem that is 1000% intentional at this point. "You can just contact me with email and ill send you the updated version" Why would I go out of my way every update to contact you for no reason when i COULD just download the update if you knocked off the bullshit? The game is terrible and nearly unplayable in most situations and as far as anyone is concerned not even worth the initial $5 I paid when it first came out, nevermind the repurchase in a bundle (which by the way didnt even give access to the 18+ patch you needed to install)


are you going to be making oculus keys available to redeem now that the game is in app labs

I'm giving up on this app, I'm not re-paying every single time there's an update and its not worth the time to contact you to keep getting access if you cant be bothered to fix the issue

Yes I did and thank you. 

How exactly do we get ahold of you directly about this other than through these comments?

Sent, you should contact to figure out why this issue is happening. It wont be very good if every single time you update this game that the majority of the people who have paid for it, lose access to what they paid for.

Why do I no longer have access to the 18+ version of this app? I paid $5 like it asked before and now it wont let me download it. AND I bought the valentines bundle. Locking people who previously bought your product behind an additional paywall out of future updates is an incredibly shady business practice