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I'm not a massive Dig Dug fan (more of a Mr. Do! guy myself) but I won't lie and say this is a bad port, because it's not. Good job.

Another great game, AJ. Have you ever considered doing something for other Commodore computers, such as the C64?

Nice platformer. I like platformers with subtle/light puzzle elements like this. Good job

Excellent game. Best release of the year so far. Well... Considering it's only January. LMAO

Really like this game. I'm generally not into games like this either. So that's a compliment coming from me.

I had the C64 version of this back in the day, which I purchased on a compilation pack of three games that were previously unreleased here in North America. Good game, although technically it's heavily inspired by Shamus, which in turn was heavily inspired by Berzerk. Looking forward to trying this version.

Nice Pole Position like game.

Good little game. Not usually into games like this, but I found this oddly addictive.

The Magic Voice has a very limited amount of words it can say, though.

What year did you originally make this game?

gameplay > graphics

Excellent port apart from the sound samples, but I can understand why they are a bit garbled

Great Silkworm inspired shooter.

Awesome game, I love the music as well, especially the covers of The Midnight Express Chase theme and "The Robots"

Cool. Are C64, Atari 8-bit, and Apple II possible in the future?

Will it have dual joystick support?

Really like this one. Never had a 2600 as a kid, as I started on a really poor console called the Leisurevision (The Canadian version of the Emerson Arcadia 2001) then went straight to the VIC-20 VERY shortly after. I really like this one. Kind of reminds me of a cross between dig dug and games like Tank Battalion/Battle City

Awesome conversion so far.

Nice game. Platformers usually aren't my thing to be honest (more of a hardcore SHMUP and RPG guy) but I really enjoy this one

Luckily, I had this game when it was first released on your website. Great game, Richard :)