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Just wanna say thank you and this is cool!!
11/10 seraph

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2022 Update: I get asked how I made this along with steamed hams 2k3, quite a bit. It took me awhile to realize that not a lot of peeps look at the gamepage on rmn? So I added a link to the tutorial. in the description.

I made "Steamed Hams but it's rpgmaker2003" the exact the same way as this game, the only difference being that. I used Final Cut Pro 7 to create the clips and then QuickTime 7 to cut them up into animation sheets, which made the process a whole lot faster.

I'm working on more stuff, it's just post pandemic life has been really shitty.

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In Silent Hill, Charlie Brown struggles find redemption after finally kicking the football - these are great.

I dunno, I heard Deluge is pretty great. ❤️

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I love this.
EDIT: Aw shit, it's only one level :( I thought it was the whole game.

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Where's the sequel dammit!

where's the sequel.

Yes. Just use "DarkWave" and "Jump", don't use any other attacks. When the doggo starts using Summon, use the potions under "Items" and to try to keep both of your characters alive - if it's still too hard, a playthrough vid is available on youtube.

While playtesting this, I wanted to make it like those old flash movie games on Newgrounds from 2000, where it was hard enough, so that you'd lose and see the gameover screen at least once, but once you figured out how to beat it, you could see the ending every time - but I probably made it too hard.

Eitherway, thanks for the feedback. :)

This is really cool. Keep working on this.

Love the name, lol. Looking forward to reading the devlogs for this. Blown away over how quickly you were able to put this together. Definitely keeping my eyes peeled on Godot.

Woa, sorry bout that! Didn't realize it was down. Thanks for letting me know. Reuploaded

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Great Read. Liked the Red Green nod at the end there 🍁 ;).

"Instead I kind of just test played the game over and over and got a feeling for how much time should pass until the next station appeared."

Yeah, this is one of the hardest things to figure out. While animation will always be incredibly tedious, it might've been just as equally hard to figure out, how to achieve the same effect, while also trying to queue up these transitions, through player interaction sequences.

Like, you may have had a game that could've been finished in less than 8 minutes. But it probably would've taken longer than 5 weeks to make, just trying to figure out, through planning and polishing, how each sequence would move on it's own after each player interaction - but this is definitely worth researching for future projects, so if you do plan to use this idea again down the road, you'll know how to and be able to do that very quickly.

Looking forward to more with what you're working on. I remember talking to SplashKhat and even though he mostly worked with 2D sprites in his Newgrounds shorts, he desperately wanted to move on to something that would allow him to work in 3D, because it would have offered him more control over, not only the perspective but the composition of his movies.

Stuff like Grandia, Thousand Arms and Xenogears, even though those games still utilized 2D sprites, involved a lot of 3D camera work, and often that 3D camera work, gave a better sense of emotion in a particular scene than what 2D or FMV could do alone.

2D in a 3D environment, might be the route worth exploring. Looking forward to what you work on next.

Just wanted to say thanks for uploading these.

This is worth a read. Thanks for this.

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Playthrough vid for anyone curious:

This is great. Thanks for this. ♥

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This was really well done. I don't wanna write a review, cause I can't seem to write anything well written these days, but I do wanna share my thoughts: I really liked this game, It reminds of what silent hill 4 was trying to do with their stronger focus on melee combat earlier, only better, I like how you have to hold ctrl, to wield the axe, so it's a little bit unwieldy - like you can't turn around if someone's coming up behind you, so it's lot scarier. I also, like how, unlike a typical survive horror game, it doesn't have jump scares, like you seem to build tension, by just using a set of these really strong, but simple, and very effective sounds - like it's not noisy static stuff like from silent hill. It's like, normal every day sounds, like nails falling in an empty room, that kind of stuff and it's scary cause of what it remind us of. 

I wish there were more weapons, I wish it was longer. I wish there were more bosses. There's this really cool established atmosphere and theme of isolation in your games, like it's not quite silent hill and it's not quite demon souls, it's not complete isolation or desolation, it's somewhere in-between and that's where this gets interesting. Like, it'd be really cool if you could make a game, where you could really explore that and tie it together with a story or something, not something concrete, but something that just loosely ties it all together, so it feels like a cohesive experience, cause this was some really good stuff. 

But yeah, this was really cool. I wasn't expecting this.