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This is great. Thanks for this. ♥

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This was really well done. I don't wanna write a review, cause I can't seem to write anything well written these days, but I do wanna share my thoughts: I really liked this game, It reminds of what silent hill 4 was trying to do with their stronger focus on melee combat earlier, only better, I like how you have to hold ctrl, to wield the axe, so it's a little bit unwieldy - like you can't turn around if someone's coming up behind you, so it's lot scarier. I also, like how, unlike a typical survive horror game, it doesn't have jump scares, like you seem to build tension, by just using a set of these really strong, but simple, and very effective sounds - like it's not noisy static stuff like from silent hill. It's like, normal every day sounds, like nails falling in an empty room, that kind of stuff and it's scary cause of what it remind us of. 

I wish there were more weapons, I wish it was longer. I wish there were more bosses. There's this really cool established atmosphere and theme of isolation in your games, like it's not quite silent hill and it's not quite demon souls, it's not complete isolation or desolation, it's somewhere in-between and that's where this gets interesting. Like, it'd be really cool if you could make a game, where you could really explore that and tie it together with a story or something, not something concrete, but something that just loosely ties it all together, so it feels like a cohesive experience, cause this was some really good stuff. 

But yeah, this was really cool. I wasn't expecting this.