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Having the warp tool allow us to rotate the city would definitely help.

As for the "move wall to edge", I basically meant that once the city was laid out, have a button that we hit that just moves the wall out to surround the entire city (as opposed to having most of the city inside the wall and the slums and such outside it).

Firstly, I just want to say you've done an amazing job here. It's a wonderful tool, and it's a real boon to the gaming community (especially we hard pressed DM's who have to keep coming up with cities). lol

I was wondering how your work is coming with this project, and had a few requests for consideration (if possible).

Firstly, a map orientation would be nice. For example choosing to always have the coast on a certain side (like selecting "north coast" and always having the water spawn on the north of the map).

Also an option to have extra wall layers or perhaps a "move wall to edge" option, so that we can always have the walls around the entire city.

Perhaps a castle location option as well, so we could choose where in the city the castle would be. So for example have X and Y options, like north/center/south and east/center/west. So we could try and make the castle appear in specific spots. With the north coast thing I mentioned before, having north and center selected would try to spawn the castle in the middle of the town on the north edge (which would give you a coastal castle with the city expanding from it).

Also an option for density for different districts would be nice. So we could increase the number of crastman areas or living areas for example. Or maybe make it a holy city that has a really high number of temple districts.

I know a lot of it is going to be based on the engine and its limitations, but I hope at least some of that can be done. Keep up the great work.