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This is one of the best simulator I played, I highly recommend it. 

Flight controls are the best of the genre by far, I played many space games since the 90's and this one is clearly in my top 3 list. I still can't believe I only discovered it now in 2022.

This game is definitely a gem.

Toutes mes félicitations :-)

You are welcome, if I can help you in any way I will.

Thank you for your kind help with this, I'm looking for your next update then.

I hope that you will extend this tweak to all mods while it will be complete, they will all benefit from it I think as I encountered the same issue with Carribean Tales and City of Abandonned Ships.

I have other "technical" ideas to try / suggest like AZERTY keyboard detection and Controler Support but one thing after another. Also as you have already ported the engine to DirectX 9 do you also think to somehow continue and port it to newer DirectX versions ?

(1 edit)

Hello again,

you are right about the duplicated work but it's not a problem, you are the real dev here :-). The new version you produced works almost fine for everything. There are still some things to adjust :

  • Land : Battle damages and ennemies health bar doesn't scale properly
  • Sea (Very minor) : Hour is a bit truncated (depending of the month I think), adjusting H position a bit will solve it.
  • WordMap : The top right interface doesn't scale properly
  • WordMap : Location names are too small, as you will see in screens I can't read the name of Bridgetown and Barbados is just enought big to be readable but a bit bigger would be better.

I did a bunch of screenshots with different values for BI_COMPARE_HEIGHT : 800 / 900 / 1080 so you can see the difference. I also did it with a resolution of 3840x2160 for people playing with a 4K monitor. According to my personal taste, I think 800 is the better, it looks almost the same as my previous tweak 2.0 factor wich is achieved with a value of 700. 

Here are the Screens

I guess the bigger is the resolution the lower should be BI_COMPARE_HEIGHT. I also edited dialog.ini file for the dialog box as I wasn't able to read people names. It might be a bit more difficult but I also think it should be possible to dynamicly adjust values used depending of the resolution.

Thank you very much for your answer.

It's almost working for my particular usage. If it can help below is a link to the files I edited, I've done nothing more than creating a "ui_scaling" variable in LogInterface.c with my own value (2.0 as a base for working). Then I just edited interface files with some copy / paste of your own code or just by adding ui_scaling multiples to scales and sizes. The result is really good but I only tested it on my own monitor with my resolution, it certainly must be adjusted to support any resolution.

Files here : Link to the files

I did it this way because I don't precisely know what is the value returned by this line  :

float fHtRatio = stf(Render.screen_y) / 1080.0;       (I assumed it was 1.33 with my resolution (1440 / 1080) wich was still too small)

After working a bit on that I think it should be possible to detect a proper ui_scaling factor depending the user resolution as a base like you already started with fHtRatio variable. It should even be possible to add a simple menu for the user to let him choose what UI scale he wants to use if the base scaling isn't satisfying (x0.50, x0.75, x1.0, x1.25, x1.5, x1.75, x2.0), and this for any mods supported by the Maelstrom Engine.

Below are some pics with the UI almost done for Land and Sea, tomorrow I'll edit WmInterface.c.

Land : 

Sea :

Hello again,

thank you for your answer and your precise tips. I registered on Discord and I hope to share soon my adventures and my translation questions. I also tried to edit the files the way you told me but unfortunately the interface seems to remain almost the same as before. Here is for exemple a pic of land screen after editing and on my resolution (2160 x 1440) :

I am currently trying to edit the "Land" file first by adding a ui scaling factor of 2.0 and the results are quite good (I'm still adjusting values for the top right icon size and position). 

I also changed the dialog box text size a bit by editing dialog.ini file because I wasn't able to read the name of the people I was talking to, here are some pics too :

Base config :

After edit :

I hope to complete this soon and then I will humbly try to translate at least some part of the mod in French starting with menus and general UI. By the way I found a very small mistake with a French tavern name in Guadeloupe Port (I think it was there). The name was "LA VIEUX CANON", in French the world "canon" is masculine, so it should be written "LE VIEUX CANON".


I just bought today the Maelstrom Engine in order to play old Sea Dogs games with mods like GOF ERAS 2 . I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first as I already bought all sea dogs games and I wasn't sure the engine improvement was worth it...I was clearly wrong, after viewing some youtube videos from "GrumpyScamp" I finally decided to give it a try and I don't regret that at all, it's brilliant !

I wanted to write here a big thank you for this impressive work. I already tried ERAS 2, Caribbean Tales and City Of Abandonned Ships mods and everything seems to work just fine !

I have two questions to ask :-)

The first one is regarding general UI scaling. Is there a way for me to increase the size of UI elements a bit ? I'm talking about elements that are displayed top right and left of the screen (player/ship icon and island information/compass). I'm playing windowed 2560 x 1440 (my native screen resolution) and it's a bit too small to read (Worldmap locations are hard to read too). I tried lower resolution with fullscreenmode enabled but for some reason game screen borders are a bit truncated so it's not good either. I can play in both cases but I think I can improve that a bit, I tried this mod here without Maelstrom engine and it worked quite well with Carribean Tales (Larger Text) so I guess it's a matter of values :

Second one is regarding language :-). I am French and even if I'm not too bad in English it would be really more immersive for me to play the mod in my own language. I would like to know how difficult it would be to translate ERAS 2 (At least UI and menus) as COAS is already fully translated in French. I searched a bit in the files and I suppose it can be done by adding/editing both "/RESSOURCES/INI/Texts" and "Program/Text" folders. Maybe I can do it by myself too ?

Again I would like to thank you for your work, it is a real pleasure for me to play Sea Dogs again !

I wish you the best Fortune !

Brillant !

C'est le mot qui me vient à l'esprit en terminant votre jeu. Je sent la passion qui transpire dans votre projet de A à Z et je n'imagine même pas la masse de boulot que cela a du vous demander.

Après avoir joué je rêve honnêtement d'un kickstarter, non seulement cela marcherait, mais en plus cela marcherait du tonnerre vu que vous avez déjà démo et vidéo, sans parler du fait que le genre cape et épée très "Français" est totalement sous exploité dans le ne me reste plus qu'a espérer que cela arrive.

En tout cas bravo, et un grand merci, j'ai vécu des instant vidéoludiques  incroyables et inoubliables grâce à vous tous et je pense que c'est le Graal pour une équipe d'arriver à ce résultat.

PS : J'ai vu une MAJ récente, vous continuez à travailler dessus ? Je confirme également ce que l'on écrit au dessous, lancer l'exécutable lance également steamVR.