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Ah I didn't see there was a new update. That fixed it, ty!

So I've got a bug in .8. When ordering the human android kit, it arrives at the door as Kali's massager. The event never goes away and everytime I check the door its Kali's package. Any idea how to fix it? ty

Moaaarr Mooon!!! \o/ That spanking scene is absurdly hot. I love the slow corruption story. We also need some development of Kali and her sis ;)

Oh, and any chance someday you go back and reanimate all the old cut scenes (those that are still slideshows)? Anyways, your work is amazing and I can't wait for 0.8! Keep it up

Out of all "training" porn games I've tried, this one is the best, by far!

I have to say, I'm really getting attached to the characters. Ashley's story development is pulling my feely strings. I don't want to spoil anything, but thank you for creating that story. I come from the same place and it made me cry a little. No more fap tonight though ;)