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i loved the game, but could not fnish the demo cause in the "disc 2" part the game becomes laggy. Dunno why, but i think it's just my pc. Still i think this game has great potential

loved the atmosphere and the story, also scared me in some moments. Great game

good game, i liked it

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the chase had me, not gonna lie, plus the mall takes me back to silent hill 3 ahah. Great game

i really love the horror take in such a nostalgic game


it kind of frees your mind from some thoughts

this was really good, too bad it got cancelled

cool cool, too bad it's just a leve

i suffered playing this game, but it was cool. Haven't seen that kind of gameplay in while. Also the thing that made me play it was the fact that chamomile is my favourite flower

cool, keep it up

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that was actually insne, waiting for the final product

lovely gam

i legitimately cried at this

best shortest game i've ever played, it's a shame it isn't a bit longer

seems to not work, when i click on "quick play" it does nothing

Just tried this game with my sis, and it creeped the shit out of us. Also we loved it!!

Can't wait to play the final version <3