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This is an awesome game! Loved the concept and voice acting. The ending was very clever. 

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Decent (3/5), but definitely not EMIKA's best work. Summer of 58 was definitely the best of the bunch and I quite liked Father's Day and Locked Up too. The recent games are still enjoyable, but a bit lack luster by comparison.

This game has some really annoying visual effects that I couldn't turn off. I think they were meant to be night vision/VHS camera effects, but they were way more distracting in this game than in other games with those visual effects. The effects disappeared when in loading screens and during certain parts of the game, so I'm presuming the effects are intentional. In future, please tone down those effects or at least give the player an option to turn them off.

The English text is also pretty rough. You'll understand the story, but just barely. There isn't much text, so I'm guessing you could easily find a native English speaker online to proof read the scripts for future games for little or no money.

It seems like you spliced together two difference games for this video without finishing The Pumpkin Smashers. What's the second game in the video?



Was something supposed to happen besides the face in the doorway? I couldn't get anything else to happen.

Cool game, but I'm not a fan of the way the look up/look down controls were handled. Maybe it's a stylistic choice, but found the look controls to be a chore and therefore immersion breaking.

That's a great start! I knew you could do it! I'm sure you'll have yourself a great circle of loophole arguer friends before you know it!

Aw, jealous you don't have any friends that you can have fun loophole fights with? It's okay, little buddy. I'm sure you'll find some friends one day!

Interesting concept, but the console commands are very tedious to use and rapidly drain away the fun. I got to the "Can you hear it too?" part, but then it wasn't clear how to advance and I wasn't interested in messing around with the command system to try a bunch of options. I recommend toning down the console command aspect. For example,  don't require the <>, make it not case sensitive, and remove the need for the user to constantly use the arrow keys to move their cursor to the right spot in order to type. Also, please give more hints on how to advance in the game.

I'll also mention that I'm too young to have played text based PC games back in their day, so my only experience with them is in nostalgia horror games like this one. Therefore, perhaps the way you setup the PC in the game is accurate to the time period, but I still recommend making it more user friendly. Many players are too young to know how games worked back in the text game floppy disk era. The other horror games I've played in this style just have the text commands follow a basic grammatical structure like: USE HAMMER ON DOOR, LOOK AT BATHTUB, GO TO KITCHEN, etc. That makes it much easier for players.

I liked to Lucy and Unknown Tape, so it was disappointing that I couldn't figure out this game. However, I'll check back in the future to see if this game gets improvements.

Pretty good, though the controls and how the equipment works is a bit janky. Overall, it's pretty creepy and unique among horror games. It actually reminds me a lot of the horror movie Broadcast Signal Intrusion, which is cool because it's pretty obscure. Good job!

Pretty good for it's length with some solid scares. Great job!

Just a heads up to the dev: you can break the game by going into the alley to the right of the doors and walking against the boxes in the back left corner of the alley. You end up in the level on the other side of the four doors. You can interact with one of the doors and you end up in the crime scene room but the objectives get all messed up because the game thinks you've already put the VHS in the VCR even though you didn't do any earlier objectives. I tried to enter the dark room where you get the VHS and the game froze completely. I had to force close it. At first I thought this was some kind of secret, but the game freezing makes me think that it's a glitch.

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Hmmm I wonder who is messing with whom in this situation...

Well, if "everyone is obnoxious", then you do agree that Molly is obnoxious. It also means that you think Airdorf is obnoxious. I must say, you commenting Airdorf's dev update that you personally don't like him just because you think he is obnoxious is pretty rude. It isn't your game, but you decided to be disrespectful. Very sad.

Do you realize that your "everyone is obnoxious" statement and your "you need to respect indie devs more, and other people in general" statement are in direct conflict with one another?  Calling everyone obnoxious isn't very respectful.

I'm just some random person on the internet, but "everyone is obnoxious" includes all your friends and family so it's pretty sad if you really think that they're obnoxious. Maybe, if you stop being so disrespectful to people, they will be less obnoxious towards you. Anyway, best of luck to you! I hope you keep working on your mental health! Tomorrow is a new day! I know you can do it!

Nice try, but I didn't use the word "too". You know, the word that you edited out of your previous reply. Very smooth. 

Cool, so you agree that Molly is obnoxious.

Thanks for replying! I agree, I played "The Lost Fear" on the same computer and didn't have any optimization/FPS issues. The only issue for that one was screen tearing due to the lack of Vsync.

Thanks for looking into adding Vsync for your future games! I think it would improve the experience for a lot of people.

Good game. I liked the atmosphere and level design, plus it has some great scares.

However, it has some major optimization issues. Based on my computer specs the game recommended that I put everything on Best/Far, but that resulted in getting 8 FPS. I figured out that it was the Shadows setting causing the issue. I turned Shadows down to low and left everything else at Best/Far and then the FPS was fine. Therefore, there's likely an issue with the way the Shadows were done on the higher settings. Also, for future games please include Vsync. It's very important for those using ultra wide monitors. Without it, there's lots of screen tearing.

This game is awesome! The jump scares and atmosphere are very well done. It's definitely one of the better PT style horror games that I've played. Thanks for making it!

Thinking about future games, I think you could better maintain the tension with strategic use of music and sound effects. This would help ensure tension is maintained between scares. For example, if the player is walking down a hallway hearing sounds from behind them or from behind the doors helps build dread. There were some parts of the game that went almost completely silent, which I think hurt the horror atmosphere because it gives players a break from the building tension.

There's no plot and the game mechanics are very basic, but it's A great game if you want a quick and effective horror experience. Well done dev!

Decent idea, but it's really bad design that the player needs to notice the board on top of the dresser to advance the game. Also, the overall pacing is too slow for the very brief payoff. 

Pretty good game. I liked the visuals on the dream sequences. I guessed the ending immediately, so I would've preferred you took an alternative direction with it, . However, I get that would change the whole theme, so if the theme is the primary reason you made it, I get why you want to keep it the way it is. However, in future I would recommend making things a bit more cryptic, so the twist isn't so easy to guess.


People are presuming that the guy is her real dad, but I wonder if the dream sequence where she picks up something and then a huge figure grabs her is indicating that she was abducted when very young. So young that the memory is hazy and not fully formed. I've read that memories don't really solidify until at least 3 years old, when we have more understanding of the world. So anything before that would be a formless blur, like what we saw.Just speculation, but it would explain at least one of the dreams and maybe all of them if you think of them all as half formed memories of a kid under 3.

Worse that the original. I like the camera effects, but the build up is way too long for such a weak payoff. Plus, the monster/enemy model is really weak and not scary at all. Even if you can't make a better model, there must be better free horror models out there than that one.

Decent game, but, just like Shopping List, the pacing is terrible. The game is way too long for the amount of plot/content. It should be half the current length. In particular the side character flashbacks and long epilogue are completely unnecessary. You have a tendency in your games to over explain the story, which wastes time. If you gave them the necessary information, trust your audience to be smart enough to work out the plot without every single plot point being explained to them in detail.There also aren't any good scares in the game, so it's more of a thriller game than a horror game. Still, I liked the game overall. 

Really solid game. I wasn't very impressed by the endings, but overall the game was fun and creepy. Great job! 

Cool game. I wasn't a big fan of the press F as fast as you can mechanic, but I liked what you did with the Borb character and the ending.

Decent, but the doing tasks portion went on too long. Also, it didn't work properly on 2560x1080 resolution. The PSX screen-filter didn't cover the whole screen, so part of my view was seeing the game environment unfiltered.

Cool game. It's very well done. It would've been cool to see it completed, but I'm still glad that this version is preserved for posterity. Thanks for uploading it The Vault and thank you to the devs for making it and allowing this upload to stay available.

Thanks for uploading this! Pretty short, but it has some interesting concepts. I'm glad that this game is being preserved so more people can enjoy it.

A pretty interesting game. I liked the first half a lot, but was not a fan of how it devolved into a boss rush/platformer game in the second half. Still, it was a fun experience overall. I hope you keep making games in future!

Great game! The use of audio was creepy and very well done. Would've been nice to have checkpoints, but it is a demo so it's understandable. Also, it wasn't compatible with 2560x1080, so if a full game were made it would be nice to have that added. 

Cool game. You did a really good job with the sound design and the jump scares were surprisingly effective considering how basic the monster models are. It can be a bit confusing how to advance, particularly in the staircase section, but I eventually got the event to trigger and made it to the ending. A shame this game got canceled, but it still works as fun standalone experience and is great for what it is. Definitely worth experiencing!

This was an awesome and very unique game! The only feedback I have is that some of the text for the notes was cut off when playing at 2560X1080. Besides that, everything was great!

Just a heads up for people who don't know, you can full screen the game using Alt+Enter. For me it initially launched in a very small window, so that option was important. Hard to really get immersed in a horror game when it's in a tiny window.

Anyway, cool game! I liked it. The "Someone's Coming" mechanic was well done.

This game looks cool. Even if you aren't gonna finish/expand it, I (and probably many other people) would love to play the demo. It might also get more attention for your other games. Just something to consider.

Download still seems to be broken

Unfortunately, my computer considered this game to be a virus, so I didn't play it myself. I watched a playthrough and it seemed cool, but I', not willing to risk running a file flagged as a virus. The sequel is great, though. I didn't have the same virus detection issues with that one.

Very well done, especially for an indie game. I prefer more serious horror games while this one focuses more on humor, but it still have some solid jump scares and general creepiness. I also like the King in Yellow references. Very much has the Lovecraft vibe.

Good idea, but the execution is terrible. Boring, clunky controls, and not scary at all.

Great atmosphere and tension building, but the ending could've been better. I was expecting a bigger payoff at the end, but I still liked it a lot.

Short and basic, but I like the atmosphere and art style.

This game has almost no content and nothing interesting happens. The game is basically just a troll. Don't waste your time.

Great game! Loved the camera effects. It built tension very well and I enjoyed the story told through the notes. You did an excellent job with the pacing. I never got stuck or felt time was being wasted.