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Perhaps then an indicator in the center of your view pointing to your ship when it is offscreen so you can find it after the teleport or anytime it is out of view.

Some of the weapons seem to have flat effects and do not hit objects on the sphere if they are too far away. Might be nice to make sure the effect matches the hit distance a bit more or curve the effects onto the sphere or make the hit boxes a bit thicker. This appeared to be most noticeable on the flamethrower weapon.

When teleporting to a new sphere would be nice to refocus on the player ship before giving the player control again in VR.

When the last rock is destroyed if you happen to be on a teleport tunnel you could end up teleporting into a rock in the next sphere. Maybe make it so you need to leave and re-enter the teleport tunnel entrance before teleporting. This way you could avoid the rock in the next sphere. Another option would be to make the teleport field in the next sphere cause initial damage to the rock sitting there and move it away from the entrance.