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thanks! :D

very cool!


awesome! :D

I'm not sure, I may go back in and make some changes at some point! I guess touch controls would work with mac?

woah extra dudes, nice!! xD

it should play in browser


elephant! :D

love it!!

right click spawns unlit fireworks at the bottom, you need to move the character to light them :D


hell yeah, creepy face island!

its all about patience :P also the mouse wheel changes the speed a little

nope i wanted to keep it quite simple, also not being able to climb down could add more puzzle elements :D

fantastic style, works really well! :D

Thanks! It was a mobile game called Drancia :P very simple idea with minimal controls, i loved it! 

very nice! :D

loving the style!! :D

Thanks! Now that the voting is done, I will start looking at some changes and tweaks! :D

Wow awesome stuff! :O A huge thanks to Mark Sparling who did all the music, I will tweak the difficulty at some point so people can enjoy the other stages! 

Wow thank you, im glad you enjoyed it!! :D

awesome stuff, clean and snappy! Those little crafts really pack a punch :D

Thanks, and im glad I managed to get something up! I would like to explore the battle mechanic a lot more though. :D

Thanks! I should tweak it a bit so its easier to get to other zones :P

Wow thanks!! :D I did have a feeling that balance could be an issue, I may need to make some tweaks so people can experience the other zones/bosses! 

ahahaha I was waiting for the tv army! :P Nice! 

Clean and simple I like it! :D 

Nice, harder than it looks thats for sure x)

you monster! The 2nd lane kept getting me :P

One of my favourite jumps! Very nice level!

great level! I like the longer moving platforms nice idea :o

oo definitely a tough level, nice! :P

Thanks for spotting that! Ill try and get it sorted

(2 edits)

Saving a level - Once you have created a level and completed it yourself, the text box at the bottom of the screen will display the level data! 

Loading a level - Copy and paste level data into the text box at the bottom of the screen and click the Load button beside it!

Post your best levels for other people to try out. Ill be looking out for some nice designs to add into the game! :D

Here are some examples 

1. Pain -  


2. Hi+Ty -  


Interesting stuff, great job! :D

Thanks, glad you like it! :D