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Very sweet game.  Good cinematics, great level design, physics, controls..  It's very good overall, I particularly love the cat noises.. it's not to my taste, but it's beautifully executed and polished.  Also the difficulty level is tuned so that it's challenging (for me) but still doable

I don't understand how to move.. I can steer and roll, but can't make the ship go forwards or anything

This is.. AWESOME.
I had an Atari when I was little and this is the one game that I would still play today.  A real ground-breaker.  :5star:

I love what you've done to put a few improvements in.. can't wait to figure them all out!


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Confirmed - after a load the loading 99% screen stays overlaying some dialog.  In windowed mode, you can find and click that button by trial and error but it is a key pain point.  This needs to be fixed, as it happens with every save file. (Reproducibility 1/11, Platform: Win)

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After first night: I LOVE this.  The graphics, the gameplay.. It's pretty awesome!

Several days in. I still love it, but I've noticed a few bugs.  No show-stoppers, in order of priority:

  1. Sometimes when you right-click on resources, and if something interrupts you, or if you have a UI open, the resource-collection will stick in that state.  It cannot be gathered at that point.
  2. Sometimes the WSAD keys will not scroll.  If you scroll by the cursor, it re-activates it.
  3. The cursor doesn't revert from its special state all the time.  It can be tricky to click on particular points when the cursor is stuck in "return to ship" mode.

And here are some things I would wish for:

  • Movement is quite wonky.   Side-scrolling 2D levels more or less equate to platforming, and the system of movement doesn't handle jumping or platforming well.
  • The ability to select crew by key (e.g. 1-4)
  • The ability to close UI windows with a key


BEACON community · Created a new topic So beautiful!

I haven't finished the game, but I had to say how beautiful this game is.

It puts me in mind of the old Out of this World.   Its gameplay is a bit like Diablo, but really, comparisons are unfair.  

The esthetic of the game really blows me away - all clean lines and art-deco type shapes, just beautiful

I do like this.. I may be stuck however.  It feels like I have to beat the first boss.  I originally started and got a very good Diablo gun, and then later picked up three or four more, but then the boss killed me and I lost everything.  I bought four more, but wound up with only one.  I seem to be down a rabbit hole where I cannot progress..?

Bug - In the intro, the cop says "fair well" it is farewell.

Slash (Space)

Hi, .. Feedback:

  1. Controls are very wonky.  It is hard to avoid hurting your own dog.  It is hard to get your guy to do what you want, and the constant "why not using right-click?" I don't need.  I feel this would be the main thing to fix.
  2. Difficulty is tuned WAY TOO HIGH for a person learning/starting the game.   Fortunately, I have played survival games before so I tried to build some kind of shelter before night, but it took all day to figure out how to gather/build and even then I used a pre-existing structure I found.   It was NOT easy to build a workbench and even when I had built a door, they knocked it down.  Once this happens, the game is over.  You WILL die.
  3. I had enough wood to build another door, but when I used it on the workbench I would do the work, the craft would end.  Resources were consumed - no door.  This is a very serious bug in a game about survival, as it means life or death.

I'm sorry to be terse, I'm VERY frustrated

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Stuck on mission 3 - mission 2 was VERY hard to understand.  It wanted me to build 3 mining installations, but I built one on the far side and it didn't count it.  Also, it took a while to figure out WHY they were not counting (was not obvious.) It turned out they were not delivering ore to the "main" building?  I figured it out, but it took a few tries.

I love it! It puts me very much in mind of the old Zelda and Adventure games.. I'm so envious you've made a game in Unity!  I don't quite understand the controls and what I'm supposed to do yet, but I am progressing! I look forward to the full game.