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This was sooo wholesome and sweet. ;-;

Wanted to play this game but sadly it crashes every time I use the "get" command.

Very atmospheric! I'd really love to see a full length game following this general style.. it was lovely and very creepy!

This game was deeply unsettling and amazingly well made.

Pretty creepy, but I kept getting stuck being chased by the.. thing. xP

Adorable art.. didn't at all expect the horror elements. I died a LOT in this game. xP But I still liked it.

This was adorable!

Very ambient and creepy. I'd love to see more in this style.

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Very relaxing game! Though a bit confusing at first, I did really enjoy what I was able to figure out. I will keep trying to figure out the rest of the game!

Since I'm currently reading House of Leaves, this really unsettled me.. in all the best ways! Very creepy and at times I struggled to finish it.

Omgosh I loved this game so much! The color scheme, the theme, the gameplay and just the general aesthetic. Please make this into a full length project!

I really enjoyed this game, just wish it wasn't quite so short. Great potential!

I'm curious if this is still being worked on, because I really loved it!

Wonderful game! Very open ended ending and both nightmares are just.. unsettling I guess is the right word. I'm curious if she killed her parents or not.

This was sooo cute!!!

Well executed game! Couldn't beat it sadly, but it was very good at making you experience what the title suggests.. anxiety!

Well.. that went from 0 to 60 fast. Great game! Very disturbing in all the right ways, and I loved the art.

This game was adorable! ;-; It's sooo nice seeing Baphomet.. or any demonic entity, portrayed as a cute type of character. Definitely different! I loved every second of it, and the art is sooo cute.

I loved the creepy atmosphere and the adorable, yet spooky art. Definite demonic undertones!

Amazing game! Loved the mini game/puzzle aspect and just the general overall tone. I've only gotten one ending so far, but there's a feeling of unease/dread and of a big moral dilemna throughout the game. I loved it!

I loved the setting and tone of this game, the ending was heart rending! The graphics were well done and fit the game perfectly.. also unique way of doing chase sequences! A lovecraftian toned horror done right.

I had a lot of fun with this! I'm really glad you decided to not go the route of chase scenes, as I feel like that would've ruined it. Just good creepy ambiance and perfect amount of jump scares! Keep it up!

I really loved the atmosphere of this game! Very creepy and definitely gets your imagination wandering, in all the best ways. I would love to see a sequel to this or a longer rendition of it! Everything about it was just perfect and very culty.

Very disturbing! I mean that in the best possible way. This is a theme I'd love to see explored in more games. Really enjoyed this!

The radio puzzle was a little confusing and I only figured it out by watching a video, but I loved the overall game. Very creepy and reminded me of a creepypasta mixed with Lovecraftian horror. Great job!

Such a beautiful game! This truly filled me with cosmic dread and captured Lovecraftian type vibes. This is an experience! keep it up!

Made a gameplay video of it!

Made a short gameplay video of your game!

Adorable game, I had a lot of fun recording it.. my art skills just suck. xP

I seriously love this game! Made a seperate save file just for recording.

This is such a cute game!

I hope you don't mind, but I made a gameplay video of your game.

I really enjoyed playing it! It was lots of fun and very, very cute.

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I made a play through video of your game. ^^ It was really cute and I'm enjoying it a lot so far, the soundtrack and characters are adorable.

This game has such lovely art! And the general ambience is haunting yet beautiful. I loved it!

I did a playthrough video of your game, wanted to let you know!

I made a let's play of this game!

This game is sooo cute and I'd love to see more!
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Hello! I just did a let's play of your game and wanted to share.