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Made a gameplay video of it!

Made a short gameplay video of your game!

Adorable game, I had a lot of fun recording it.. my art skills just suck. xP

I seriously love this game! Made a seperate save file just for recording.

This is such a cute game!

I hope you don't mind, but I made a gameplay video of your game.

I really enjoyed playing it! It was lots of fun and very, very cute.

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I made a play through video of your game. ^^ It was really cute and I'm enjoying it a lot so far, the soundtrack and characters are adorable.

This game has such lovely art! And the general ambience is haunting yet beautiful. I loved it!

I did a playthrough video of your game, wanted to let you know!

I made a let's play of this game!

This game is sooo cute and I'd love to see more!
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Hello! I just did a let's play of your game and wanted to share.