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Ahhh shout out to you guys for working so hard! I am so looking forward to next build. I just know so much love and dedication was put into it. Take all the time you guys need, it's all worth the wait! And congrats on 50,000 downloads! 

btw Black has my heart. He's just so ADORABLLEEEEE 馃ズ馃挍馃挋鉂わ笍

C'mon guys. Let the dude BREATHE. A rushed build will never be better than a build that took time. I'm sure they are working their hardest and pouring their heart and soul into their work and we need to respect that as fans and only hope and support the best for them. We need to be patient man. 

How do you personally like Asterion and the others to look when it comes to the customization menus?

Also will Asterion become one with memes once he starts to use the internet? What type of memes do you think he would like? Boomer humor or newer humour?

Love the vn btw!