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Played the game abit more and managed to survive to wave 14. 

My map was so clogged at that point where every wave (of annoying friggin catapaults) just took a solid 1/3 of my base while i tried to kill everything else. This is with all of the camps cleared (huge base btw)

- We should be able to upgrade certain buildings OR be able to research production sciences that boost efficiency, OR Both. Less map clog= better game play. Upgrading buildings function like Caesar games where adjacent houses can combine and upgrade (maybe automatically after some time) a bigger house. Maybe something like 1x1 tent > 2x2 house > 3x3 big house > 4x4 tavern. 

- Getting attacked from multiple unexpected angles and losing because of it is so unsatisfying as a player. Sure, It makes the game harder, but it feels RNG because surviving the wave depends too much on if you placed your towers at the right side of your base. Balancing the game would be easier if every playthrough with similar conditions. I think all of the enemies should come from a single direction/

-Class system feels... not very unique. This could have been done so much better IMO.
The ranger doesn't shoot arrows. Paladin and Warlord die instantly without micromanagement because of stunlock. Sorceress's E ability feels like it should be on the Paladin. I feel like their abilities should get a complete rework. Stay to traditional ideas. Draw inspiration from games such as LOL/Hammerwarch. Archer should Insane dps to one target.   Sorceress looks to have  AOE/Waveclear. Paladin should be a Huge tank with with taunt abilities. Warlock should be a frontline... etc 

- Leveling up could definitely do something more than just 10% increase and reduction in dmg. Maybe a unique passive for veterancy or maybe something more like a skill point distribution system?

Something should also be done about stunlock

These changes should probably give a more smoother progression curve and prepare it up for 15+ wave games

Love the game, just played 10 hours straight and only passed the 3rd wave three times. This game has soo much potential. I dont think things need to get nerfed however there definetly needs to be some QOL changes.

First off the map selection is so RNG that you pretty much are fucked if you have a bad starting point and have used your items. This had lead to me straight up restarting game after loading bad terrain with no empty space.  Just make the map (atleast 2x) bigger and let us choose where to place the castle. The game is very light so you dont need to worry about fps lagg.

We should be able to command woodcutters to chop down certain trees. Currently only thing i can do is place woodcutter close and HOPE he cuts down the tree.

Save game feature is a defs need imo, however hardcore makes the game much more intense.

Yeah, I have more in mind however these are the main things. Is there a forum where we can discuss ideas and strats? i was quite lost when i was trying to learn the game.

Hello! As i cant wait, i want to buy your game here. Will the purchase include a steam version/code once its released in 11 days?