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The coolest looking game I have ever seen, infinite charm I can't wait to see more.

This game is so cute, I adore all the animations! Very lovely experience :)

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It held my attention for over an hour and was pretty enjoyable which is quite difficult for me to find these days. Lovely game.

This game is horrifying in all the best possible ways. I have played quite a lot of horror games but none capture the genuine fear that this one does. Please play this. Play it blind, it's super well made and I appreciate everything it gives.

cute game!! i love the art style so much :)

I love this.

I love the style of this game, it was fun and I'm glad I played it.

Silly, weird, and there's rats. Definitely worth playing.

I love and care for goose

Weirdly cute and somewhat creepy game. I love it and its art style a lot. :))

Very cute little game! Short, but worth playing. I appreciate the message, and I also liked the art style a lot. :)