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Hey man, fun game! I love the minimalist style, and the colour scheme you've chosen.  The little animation that plays when you slam into the ground looks great too, It really lends to the flow of the game play.

The controls feel tight and responsive, so whenever I die, it feels like my fault, and not the game's.

The music sounds great as well, I love the way it kind of fades in and out of the different parts.

If I had offer any critique, the transition animation that plays between the menu and the game (the white circles) is really bright in comparison to the darker colour scheme. It feels like being blinded every time it comes up.  I think changing the colour could make it a little easier on the eyes.

Maybe consider adding a try again option instead of booting the player back to the main menu every time they lose (and make it the default so I can keep mashing space bar) so the flow of play isn't interrupted.

Overall pretty nice.