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your welcome 

love the artstyle <3  cant wait to play this game

love  sims <3 and this game <3 

cute story :) 

love the story and the art style.

love the story <3 have a great day :)

your welcome

great game. love the art work <3

your welcome :)

your welcome

you both did a great job.

your welcome.

love the art style and the story .

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love this game it's so Cute

your welcome :) i also love the art style too.

great  game  <3 

love the demo .  the art work is beautiful <3 

love the story and art work in the game its so Cute <3

great game

love the game . great artwork and love how each character  in the story has thy own style. <3

love the game >3 

love this visual novel and the artwork  >3 


great game love the story <3

great game . 

loved the demo it's so Cute  . made me think of Sailor moon in a way . 

love the artwok and style of this game.

love this game so much :)