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This is really fun! I had a blast creating weird creatures.

I see. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to explain. 

I love games like these and this was no exception. :D I had a blast making a small settlement for another game of mine. 

I do have one question for clarification, however. Under Alternate Game Options,  where it refers to solo play, what does it mean by "draw a replacement card after each turn"? I skipped this because I wasn't sure if it meant refill my hand once for each card or something else. 


It’s generators like these that that make me smile. I love resources that make prep easier and this fits the bill. 

Thanks for making this!

I’ve read through this and can’t wait to play through this! Looks fun and I like the characters. :D

I loved this :)

These helped break my writer’s block :D I will always champion random tables and these are splendid. 

Thanks for making these!

I love me some antifascist games. They’re so cathartic. I can’t wait to try this out later. 

I already read the document and I really like what I see. 

Thanks for making this. :)

I like this. It helped with my writer’s block. :)

I really like this! But the tables for 511-666 are upside down. I’m reading on a tablet so it’s not a big deal as I can just turn it around, but reading on a computer it would be a hassle to read. 

This is great! 

I love generators/random tables and this one is dope. I had a lot of fun designing a dungeon.

Thanks for creating this. :3

I used this to make a quick character and it was fun. Definitely an interesting spin on astrology stuff :)

This is pretty neat. :) 

I rolled a One From Above to use in a short game I’m playing. Very handy if you want to roll some quick creatures or interesting NPCs. 

Thanks for making this!

I really enjoyed this. :)

I’ll definitely be adding the prophesies to another game of mine. They’re gonna bring a lot of flavor to the world building. 

I just finished a solo game of this and I had a lot of fun. :) 

It’s very forgiving if you roll low, but it’s easily adjustable if you want something more high risk. I personally didn’t change anything because I found that aspect to be a breath of fresh air. 

I recommend it whether you’re alone or with a group.