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Holy cow never thought I'd find the best book I've ever read on an obscure page


Why and how is there an entire "doki-doki-literature-club" tag? I mean don't get me wrong I love that game as much as the next guy but why is it a tag now?


Good game, I like the idea of a protaganist damned by their own curiosity- the player's curiosity in a way. I think it definitely needs more agency though, or at least more illusion of agency, i.e. not starting with the bloodbath, or explaining a bit of Kat's story beforehand.

One of my favorite "political" games.  Instead of forcing a point down your throat, the game puts you into the position of the oppressed, and asks you to draw your own conclusions.

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In the first act, I told Sayori she  was my dearest friend (I figured telling her I loved her right after she thought she saw me kissing Yuri was probably a bad decision) and, like all ends of the first playthrough, Sayori hung herself. I assumed the game was over due to the end screen, and to be honest I wasn't sure I could handle diving back in so quickly, so I went to the community to find if your decision there matters. It does not, she hangs herself either way. Just wanted to get this fact out there because I found out it doesn't matter on pages that also had information about the seperate ends of the game, accidentally spoiling it. After reading how the rest of the game is, well, without spoiling it for you, dear reader who is in an uncannily similar situation to the one I found myself in at 1:21 am,   I would've loved it, and continue playing through the game until the credits roll.