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Lonely Beetle Games

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Loved the atmosphere! I am terrified of open water so i was on edge waiting for that damn fish to come out XD

This has a really cool style but was sadly unplayable due to the purple item that was between tiles. The control scheme is neat but I would have liked it better if it was paired with a fixed camera angle so that up would always be up. In order to move the camera, I think it'd be best to switch to tank controls so that up is always forward for the character. Would never the less love to see more stuff by you in the future!

This was neat and I did actually find the sculptures weird and gross! It would have been really cool if there was no loading between rooms so that you could tell which doors you opened and which doors you haven't, but overall really fun to check out!

This was a fun story to read through! Good job with the atmosphere and being able to paint a vivid picture of what's happening.

You really nailed the feeling of that era and I can tell a lot of work went into this. Adored the cutscenes but had a really hard time with the gameplay. Didn't get very far, but still found it cool to check out!

Really loved this! Great atmosphere and style. Loved the anim on the enemy. My main suggestions would be that it'd be cool if there was an indication that the glowing boxes were doing something other than swapping the bg. Like a screen shake, dissolve screen, flash of light or sound effect maybe to make collecting the boxes feel more rewarding, and the switching between universes feel more intentional rather than a mistake. Also, if I stand in front of the monster near an outer wall, I get pushed out of the house into the blackness outside. I did really enjoy it though and only mention these things because I'm excited to see more of this! Awesome job <3

Finished the game and very glad to have checked it out! This game looks great and it's fun figuring out how to handle the monster. Great atmosphere!