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Very nice! There were so many of those "oh heck me too" moments of commiserating that really helped to draw me in, and lots of good tips I'm going to start using today (all the timers!).

One suggestion, especially since you mention this being a First Edition that you want to continue to add to: I found myself really struggling to get through some sections, having to go into full-focus mode to convince myself I wanted to just sit and read -- huge walls of texts can be daunting, even if I want to get through it. It might run counter to your "line of sight" strategy, but do you think you might do something like a summary section you could branch off from? Some kind of a table of contents type overview with parts that link to your full page for each tip? Knowing how many pages/tips are left would've been helpful for me.

I've already shared this with a bunch of people after this was in turn shared with me. Thank you for this!