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Lone Scout

A member registered Dec 21, 2015

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Great news!

I shall toss a few coins to GOG, even if I already own the game here...

Is it easy to migrate our legacy, savefiles and game data to GOG version?

Pity, but that curation team is really awkward... As you say, maybe in the future they'll change their minds.

Meanwhile, nothing refrains me from buying the itch version, so here I go. Time for some soulashing! :D

Thanks for the quick answer!

Any chances for a GOG release?

That'd be an instabuy for me. I'll buy the itch release otherwise (I haven't done it yet because I was secretly waiting for that...)

It might be burdened by a dull story and mission design, but Far Cry 2 is the most immersive FPS I've played to the date and some of its features haven't yet been matched by newer games.

Good homage. Thanks for sharing! 

So now an obliged question... Are you planning to fulfill this humble wish?

I wouldn't mind tossing a few extra coins to your chests if you did so...

I'll take a look to this hidden gem, Mr. Baggins ;)