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Heya, thanks for playing the game, and liking the art stlye! It was fun watching you play, especially now that the Early Access is out!

This is super rad! Played it with my colleagues,  and it was fun as hell. And it'll be even more awesomely fun

Heya StepVibes, thanks for giving Tormental a go! It was very fun  watching you enjoy yourself. If you liked this version so much,  It'll blow your mind seeing what Early Access has to offer ;D

Hey Scottish Geek, thank you for playing Tormental! It's evident that you had fun, and more fun will definitely be had once the game reaches Early Access! Until then. ;)

Multiplayer combat chess for non-chess players... Neat! :D

Oh wow that's a useful link! Thanks ;D

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Hey CoalFire, thanks for the super cool video. Also for some very useful points regarding your opinion - I hope that the Early Access version fulfills your expectations! :D Stay tuned.

Hey, that video is super cool and it came super fast! That's rad ;D