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Yeah, I think I got a short capture of it right next to the treasure with the grumpy sun rotating and everything. DM on my email and i'll send you the stuff after I compile it all!

(email in my profile. just hit contact)

I beat this on reaper. Took me 8 days. Real days. I played on a laptop and closed the lid to "pause" the clock. I made a map of the whole world on grid paper (still have it) and was in the process of mapping out all the trees to locate the treasure when I miraculously found the treasure spot. I was in the process of figuring out how to film the video when I "paused" the game for lunch. but, I didnt realize that if you have the laptop plugged in, by default the screen goes dark but the laptop doesn't "pause" so I died. My heart broke. But this game is forever in my soul. I did the run at least a year~ ago. If you're interested, I can try to get together all the materials I still have for a video.

I'm actually mostly sad cause I wanted to "finish" the map with full details. Like a "there and back again" map of my own personal lonely mountain.

I used rafts to build bridges between islands. And I built turnip farms on every corner of every island so that every place I went I had fresh turnips. I then made turnip trails connecting my "ports" and the bridges across waters was to know where I was as I explored. Truly the most unique and difficult hard mode I've ever had the honor of experiencing.

Thank you for making this game, it's an inspiration truly.

I thought that WAS the super secret! Replaying!

lvl 1 machine gun. Legit.

No seriously. Play this game.

Level 1 Machine Gun.


No seriously. This game is legit. Play it.

Yeah this just touched my soul and changed my art for eternity. Thank you.


delivery items got clogged :( 

That being said great job bro! this is fantastic!

Thank you Mystic Ame. Your words have given my soul rest. 

I have had these scientists terrorizing my children all night every night then coming to me day after day demanding gold and workers. Is this just an unending money sink? Does it ever end?


This game looks absolutely wonderful! I cannot wait to try it out! It looks like you really put a lot of work and effort into this. 

Very well done,


awesome! I will do that! Thank you for getting back to me!

dude. this game is freaking epic. very well done. I'm addicted! I am very interested in this side scroll moba style now. Would you be willing to have a conversation about how you built your AI?



well done!


Definitely make this game. regardless of characters. You have something good here with the art especially.

good job


cool game dude. A lot more slick than I was expecting. I can tell you spent a LOT of time on this game. Did you make the music yourself? And I swear the page turning and door sounds sound like the ones from  TES3 Morrowind.

Good job. Enjoyed it

You have intrigued me. Downloaded, ill post comments as I have questions etc. Control screen doesn't load proper.

Solid. I like it.

no problem. I couldn't figure out if the moles give more than just further mobility (more damage), or if their mobility trail provides anything effective beyond visual. cool concept though. I like that its the bunnies killing off the hunters

This game is inherently unbeatable, or so it would seem...