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Love the visuals and the music in the game. It gives you the feeling that you're really in a dream. As i replay it whenever i get a game over, I get to understand the game-play which include the time limit (which is 7am since she's a little girl that needs to wake up by that time) which is thrilling that you can't play in a certain stage forever which gives the player a challenge. And the problem that i have with the game is on how you maneuver the mouse to control the wisp that the wasp is a little bit hard to control to push the girl.  And, I want to see that the wisp gets power-ups  since the game will get harder as the player plays more of this.  In the end, I love the game. it's cute in a good way and i hope i get to see improvements with this one since I really enjoyed it.  I'll give it a 3.5/5 rating. Good job! :D