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very good game

Cant wait :D

Great realistic guns and the scenery is also a very good touch, love the game and graphics!

what are the recipes

is it free? this is a great demo for people broke like me

still working on this?

is the full steam release going to be free?

That's fine, just make it worth waiting ya know.

how's the work going on?

could you make it free?

i feel like more people would get it if you had like a demo or something

please read the actual description

do you know whats the next updates going to be about?

letss gooo

are you gonna update it more?

cmon lets get this thing rolling again Exo

i know right really looking forward to it

thats sad this game is such a great game for quest even as a demo

how's the melee for oculus quest doing


that would be cool and are you using these to make a actual game

this game is great the physics and detail are good.

some things i would like are melee(coming soon)

extra rooms/envirments

more weapons(would love)

but other than that its the most greatiest

game on quest

well thats sad just sad that it cant be ported to quest

is this local multi player?

port to quest?

Run, Boy, Run community · Created a new topic port to quest

This would be a great game if ported to quest!

port to quest maybe

oculus quest supported?

download the zip file then extract all and play it

works great


oculus quest?

oculus quest?

oculus quest supported

love that you made it for the oculus quest