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Thanks for the advice! I updated it

I found it finally!!

Well done!

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The 3 bullets are a great idea!

This is one of my favorite type of game! Good story line and graphics

Well done with 3D graphics! Also a very fun game

Great idea! Very fun

Very interesting game!

This is so fun!

I love this type of game! this is very well made!

Very fun game and very well made!

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The graphics is very nice! can't find the third key but the game is nice

Fun puzzle game!

This is very fun to play! The sprites and the animations are very nice

I love this mechanic! is very original

This is so fun!

Thanks everyone for the feedback!!

If you want to find the dog you need to:

1: have at least 3 red fishes, 3 blue fishes, 3 yellow fishes (you can sell them or keep them in the inventory)

2: the dog will be spawned at x = 333 and y = -333

This is really a good game!