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this game is  fun and good in a weird way. thx for making it, had a great experience!

rouge ending was the best, no I don't take criticism

truly an amazing experience (the voice dub made had me down on my knees). the graphics, special effects and script adapting were charming and smooth. (the soundtrack especially was one of my favorite parts) a huge thank you to the game developers!!

ok but this was such an enjoyable game, I really liked it

btw I got sympathetic and daring

also, bob was somehow my favorite character(???

really good! kinda confusing at first but it was a great experience

the aesthetic is soooo cute, everything is on point

o jogo é bom, gostei do final, mas não tive que completar todos os puzzles para completar o jogo, deixando isso de lado é bom no geral :)

the game is good, I liked the end, but I didn't have to complete all puzzles to complete the gameplay, aside from that it's overall rather good :)

Yeah, why?

ohhh thanks for clarifying!!

I loved the game! It's really mysterious and thrilling!! Is there a way to get all 24 maine facts at once? My maximum was 23 per save

Just finished the game, and it's so cuuuute. The bonus scenes really got me longing for more!! Is this a demo? If it is I can't wait for what's next 😊

It's simply adorable!! How heart warming can this game be??? I liked the dynamic of it and how relatable it can be, also Zoe's so understanding it's precious~~