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It was decent for a simple, quick game. There wasn't a plot but I wasn't expecting there'll be one. 

Nice game to play when you have nothing better to do. 

Ahh the art style is beautiful. Really got me in the feels 

oh wow, that wasn't what i was expecting. i was so hooked into the storyline and i hope robin turns out okay in the end

It gets a bit repetitive but it's such a good game! I loved the wholesomeness of it all

The plot is nothing special but the art style is absolutely amazing!

This was really good. Everything about this is just so eerily beautiful..

this game is so ridiculous in such a good way lol. I loved the art

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This game is very relaxing! The atmosphere and the ambience gives it such a calming effect. The music is nice and relaxing to listen to. I suppose the art style is more RPG Maker-ish but it combines nicely with the overall feel.

That was really good! I loved the humor and the art style.

Oh man, everything about this is just so amazing. I love the language barrier, it's such an aspect of the game that is just so interesting!! The art and music is also really good!! 

I didn't get what happened tho. If that girl was Mariko then why is she acting so crazy?

This was such an interesting game! The puzzles were pretty challenging but it all works out in the end. I love the art style!

Wow okay, that escalated quickly

Okay wow, this was amazing! Though the main character did absolutely nothing to fight off the alien in the end, at least now they're together. The art style is super cute too.

Lol that was so cute

That was such a nice demo! I can't wait for the full version.

Uh wow, okay i was severely taken aback. That was not what i was expecting.

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. I think i found my new all time favorite game lol. The art is really pretty too, kudos to you. 

Well that was short. The whole turning into a werewolf thing and meeting an alien is so funny to me for some reason. This was a good demo.

The music and art is so pretty! The story is basic enough, classic dating sim but ofc it's about cactus so i say it's not all that basic. This was a good game.

Well that was... something. I didn't noticed the bananas could date me like five minutes into the game lol.

I really enjoy playing through the different routes. The lack of music is kinda eery for me but this was a nice game to play. Also what, how can one get off to mayo?

Wow okay that was something. Honestly if i didn't followed the walkthrough this would had gone soo much longer. That guy is crazy! But what's up with the demon? So many questions lol. But the art is so pretty, it's a nice game!

It was a nice game, it's a pretty interesting take on the whole protagonist and his harem thing. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Well, that was interesting. The artsyle is so pretty, i still think the characters are a bit shallow but it's a cute game nonetheless.

Okay so, i didn't noticed that this game was based off Jack the ripper  but i gotta say that this was very well done. The atmosphere and the music totally brought me in the mood and made the game easier to get into. The art is really good, and i'm really excited to know what would happen next. This was a good demo! Hope to see the full release !

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Lmao, what was that?? Also, this was too short. I was happy that siren head was allergic to chocolate, good to know.

Okay, so this game was pretty fun! I've tried every choices and it showed a lot of character information. The endings were were really nice, especially the art. This was good!

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First of all, the thunders are so loud but it adds up to the atmosphere i suppose. The minigames where i have to button smash isn't really my cup of tea because i died so much lol. The ending was a shcoker, i didn't expect that. This was a good game though

This was so good! The music is relaxing and the puzzles are slightly hard but it was straight forward enough. I loved the ending

this was so good!

oh gosh this is absolutely amazing

this is amazing!!

Yeah!! That was really cool, when i saw the names i was surprised and kind of thought how the english pronounciation would sound lol.

this was super duper cute

Oh my god, i was so scared lol

This was so good! The art is amazing!! Also i think most of the names here are in Indonesian or Malay, which is pretty funny