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I was playing another random visual novel I found on Steam but when i got the email that the demo of this was out- I came straight here. It looks really good and I can't wait to play and meet Will <3

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How have I not found this before- I'm playing the demo and love it - I especially love both Flint and Rico - From reading the descriptions and first meeting I was leaning more towards Flint but Rico and the main character have amazing banter. Props to whoever wrote those exchanges :D 

Edit: I also love the music and I'm assuming it was especially made for this visual novel as it seems pirate themed and I haven't heard it before while some other visual novels and games I've played use the same non licensed stuff. 

I agree with the others in this comment section - i love visual novels but i have never been so torn - all the love interests are great and  I will play multiple times. I'm also really interested in June's past even though in my first playthrough of the what's available I was going for Calderon.