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Please continue Fixing this GAME before you go do another one please

been doing links on an mobil lol

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(1 edit) discord digital logic server

if you what I can tell you the basics of it

do you know the game battleship it’s like that but first you need to know about how to do encoders and decoders. first is decoders what that do is take a 2bit and up binary input (without 2s compliment) and put out a single output per section. 0000 input turns on the 0 output 0001 turns on the  1 output and 0010 turns on the 2 output and etc. with a 4 bit input you’ll get 16 outputs total each 16 outputs represent a number through 0-15.

its in options at the top right between create and exit

to do so i need to set up a bot that delete and sends a new message for the links and links expire every 24 hours for discord

Gus please click the invite I can’t send one out ever single day

time to go back to the drawing board

i tried making a Carry look ahead adder and somehow i made it slower than a ripple carry adder

ok ill just clock it by hand sense its more reliable till he adds a clock to the simulator 

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I’ll show you the setup because you only need 2 accumaltors and 4 registers nothing special

no big memory in this Just the Absolute basics

here a basic tutorial on CPUs

i sent it

i sent it

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ya well the clock here docent has a 50/50 tempo it has a random speed from slow to high tempo constantly

who here want me to show or teach or find someone to teach about the basic CPUs

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you don't need that many registers all you need a is main memory and 2 accumulators for the processing, a 2nd larger main memory for Control unit and memory data registers, also known as MDR or multiple like Cache, Cache is THE main memory that is between the CPU and RAM what it dose is that it take HUGE chunks of memory at once (mostly 4 eight bit registers at once) then send it to the CPUs memory and control unit. it also sends data back to ram or to main bus. (about the memory input from ram to cache is much bigger than that IRL)

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i will set up a tutorial on (image tutorial) on how basic CPUs work but can you please tell us when or what is going to be in the next update when its small if its a big one you can keep it a surprise if you want but please tell us something.

this simulator gotten a little annoying  i tried 5 times to make a main memory BUT IT STILL DOSENT WORK no matter what i do or how careful i plan they don't work can you please make things work without connecting all the dots up Thank you

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ok what’s your discord name so I can send a link to you to the discord server

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well I’m not a master at it I learned all my stuf from YouTube and Minecraft red stone if you whant I can show you the Minecraft tutorials to understand how the cpu works or I can draw the basic layout of a Alu and cpu

who here wants to start a discord community?

I sent most of the information I know about basic ALUs did you find anything useful?

most of the computer logic I learned is from minecraft lol

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half of an adder with a normal Exclusive ORthis is a interesting X-OR this one can cancel out the x-or function and turn into a normal Or and there are other ways to cancel the xot function but the one here basicly shows you how it’s doing itan full adder using the normal x-or and special x-or and 2 other functions the FC and can look unless due to the OR but the CIN only for carry wile Flood Carry turns on all the carrys at once. edited ok to fix this make shure you make the OR function cancel out the AND gate in the picture below.a group of full adders the Carry out (COUT) is connected into Carry in as a carry to each Full adders except for one thats connected as a function the FC is connected to ALL the FCs of the full adders and OR function is connected to all Full adders too. also known as a Ripple carry adder (RCA) the slowest type of adder out there but good for beginners.inverters basically can take a binary input and flip it. like 1001 to 01101 to 2 inverters are required i prefer 2. one Ripple carry adder and other outputs this time which is the Zero flag (Fz) and the negative flag (Fn) and 2 new inputs for input a and b with all these functions you can add and subtract in binary and do basic logic like NOR, X-OR, AND, OR, NAND, and X-NOR. the reason why not is not in the list be because you can do NOT function but Nor hastily dose the exact same thing so its one less peace of programming you have to worry aboutthats all the basics of the ALU hope you enjoy the info.

the Arithmetic logic unit

kodbilen can i show you an easier way to use ALUs without making multiple different ALUs with different functions

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i thought the exact same thing when i i first started playing the simulator except for compacitors and resistor

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um before you add anything. can you make a menu that shows all the controls and tips and tricks? also a way to delete the tabs below but can not delete AND and Not logic gates, and a way to delete saves. 

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Holy crap one terabyte man i just started making 1 kilobyte 

and its 8 bit

This is had a lot of potential i think it can teach kids easily and can help intermetait or advanced people design Full blown CPUs. yes its still in beta but i think this simulator is very good and i love it

but i do see some problems thats very simple and prob be the first things fixed or added for next update.