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No worries, I had fun, why not share it :D

Loads of fun! I am really looking forward to see the further development of Unsong Warriors!

I love the art, the mechanics are fun and the story is intriguing! Great prologue :)

Hehe cheers :D
Keep up the good work!

I had a blast playing your game - very fun to embrace the inner demon of a cat ^^

Nice game! Short and fun - just how I like these for type of games ! :)

I had a lot of fun playing the game!
If you do some more development on the game an idea could be to place some static/fixed objects in the train (bags etc.)  :)

Awesome game with great potential! I had a blast playing the game and even though it is from 2015 really hope you will give this game more features :)

Well done!

Indeed I am - Not like I have used a lot of time playing the game :)

Thank you for watching!

Great game - I really liked it!

Even though it is from 2015 I really hope you will do some further development on the game!

A nice short game - silly physics and a simple objective.

For further development more levels would be nice, and as well as a best time leaderboard - I hope to see more from you and this in the future :)

I had a lot of fun playing the game - the silly physics are awesome and the challenge of the game increases with the levels (which is nice). I might think that the level with the line of pots are a bit unfair, but if you watch the video you might see why :)