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Ah damn i was hoping to get some more still rated! - unfortunately busy  (i might review a few more but i don't think ill be able to play 'em all annoyingly) -

but to everyone who submitted their game here i wish you the best of luck!

as for the games i did play i really enjoyed them!


ye you can basically kill them and get in lol - i was thinking of adding a threshold that if they go over its game over but i think that would make the game annoying to play

maybe i could make the portal play a sound depending wethere you're below or above kills

but anyway thankyou for the review ;)

no problem update me if you do end up with more stuff id love to see it :)

Done! :) loved this game - nice work!

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Amazing game dude - for a start i'm glad you made it to 20 ratings this game deserves it! ;)

I feel the screenshake adds a lovely touch to the game just to make it feel that little bit nicer especially with the combined THUD sound. Furthermore the random generation - albeit a standard thing in topdown games defo puts a nice spin on the game. Aswell as this the generator with its timer i love - (btw bug here if you leave the generator and it completes the game won't progress becuase it gets stuck on the "return to generator" text which i think blocks the button ui below - but its a jam i completely understand thats gonna happen) - the blocks falling down also add a nice bit of added chaos to the game

I defo think you should continue with this on your spare time (and maybe give the player a bit less health but thats my personal preference :D)

You have certainly grabbed my attention im trying this now :) (i love topdown games - got into nuclear throne recently)

np ;)

already reviewed buddy :)

thankyou for the review i appreciate it :)

Done! beautiful prototype bud :)

I totally agree with you dude this is a solid prototype - with a bit of work you could make this into a really cool platformer with chaotic stuff - good job :)

Haya buddy sorry to say i couldn't rate this game as the build completly messed with my system - this is most likely due to my low spec pc but all my tabs kept cycling and going haywire when i ran it - really sorry i couldn't review it bud, i wish you the best of luck!

This was really fun good job :D

This was well cool! - i especially loved the addition of ramps and the breaking glass
a couple of nitpicks:
the camera seems to zoom in after parenting quite a few items to the shopping trolley (around £41 worth)
i think the shopping trolley begins moving on its own aswell after that price

also i think it would be great if the other shoppers moved along and collected stuff and you could ram into them to steal their shopping

but even without all this it is a great game! good job!

Reviewed :D

Nice simple game - however  im not sure it really fits the theme of chaos - however its a nice use of unitys animation system - and i think id be right in saying this is your first game? if so its really good your the getting hang of unity - if not -  its really good you've got the hang of unity :)

All done buddy!

Very nice game - i think it could do with some polish here and there - like more enemy variety, different sized rooms, props y'know defualt topdown stuff - but i understand theres time constraints of course and you probs wanted to add all those - i really like the shop artwork and the panning from room to room - really good especially given you made all the resources  from scratch!

All done buddy!

This game is awesome - i especially love the art - a few things i think could be improved is that:
- The ui doesn't scale to my aspect ratio

- the credits page can't be quit out of - tho im pretty sure this is cus of the above

- also the font is a bit hard to read maybe black and white text on a red background might work better

Apart from that i really like it - reminds me of old friv games (i think it was friv that had these i can never remember)

All done!  - check out mine if you can!

This is really good! you should be impressed with yourself - chaotic, simple, fun graphics,  and well.... fun!

This is really good! you should be impressed with yourself - chaotic, simple, fun graphics,  and well.... fun!

Done !

ahh i see - well good luck on your projects bud i wish you the best of luck!

Thankyou for the review - and ye defo need to take things like that into consideration next time :)

again feel free to keep posting im just a bit busy atm but ill get round to reviewing as many as i can in due time ;)

ah damn man sorry to hear that - have you tried changelogs + github? - it doesn't work for everyone but i found i was waaay more productive with them combined

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only 2 days!? holy moly dude - also ah sorry confusion on my end - i have a low spec pc so that explains why graphics weren't coming out very high for me - im assuming unity auto scales down graphics but really good job dude!

thankyou for the review! i was planning on adding different environments but again time constraints - im glad you gave a try tho thanks alot for the review :)

for your very first 3D game i think this is exceptionally good!

Hay i finally got round to reviewing your game! although there are alot of bugs that need buffing out i think this is really good for 7 day game jam - some audio, detailed graphics and bug fixing could make this into an  awesome game - especially if you start adding enemies  - i definetly think the voxel system needs a bit of work - im not sure if its intentional but when digging theres a small pause between the next dig - maybe you want to offload some of the stuff to a compute shader if this is lag - tho im not sure wether a compute shader would work for that - either way very good submission :)

Thankyou for the kind words!

Ah ye hp is immortal as i was numpty and didn't immplement enemy health - so bullets are literally a destroy condition but i now know to make enemy health base first :) - thanks for the review!

sure buddy gimme a bit and ill be right on it!

aww thamkyou alot ill be sure i put aside some time to rate yours! :)

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im a bit busy atm buddy you can remove the rating if you want cus im not sure when i'll next be free - sorry if it causes any inconvenience

tho when i get a chance i defo will rate it

thankyou ;)