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Can’t believe that you made this game in 3 hours, that’s very cool! It would be nice if you make the pillars transparent when they are closer to the camera. Good job!

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I tried to make it not too difficult but not too easy either. It took a lot longer than I expected to get a good balance of cool-down between falling spikes, speed and whatnot, but I think it was worth it)


Thanks a lot! I’m glad you liked it!

You’re welcome) Good luck!

Thank you! Good luck to you too!

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I found a bug! If you press any key multiple times while loading the game, you can skip 1 level. Also regarding the music lag, it appears to be a p5js issue -

This music lag can be used to create a good atmosphere in a horror game!)

Thank you! I think I know how to make a rhythm game out of this. I will try to do it soon!

Thank you for your feedback!

Great game! It’s a little hard to figure out how to move the boxes the first time, but it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it. Good job!

Good game! Is it a bug that you can change your size with the arrows?

Great job! I was very close to beat your record!)

Nice implementation of the theme! A difficult but exciting game, only got to 34 seconds xD

Great interpretation of the theme! I like the assets! It’s fun that the music gets crazy over time, maybe leave it as a feature of the game?)

Nice game! I like the fire animation! The fact that you can’t touch not only the fire but also the walls makes the game more interesting!

Good game! I like the graphics.

Thanks for the feedback!

This game is very cool and exciting! I can play it forever! Top 1)

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Atmospheric music, I like the graphics! The screen starts shaking a lot after +-15%, which makes the gameplay difficult, but it’s even better! Great job!

Good game! The level design requires you to use both characters, great job!

I like this implementation of the theme

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Thank you for feedback! I'm glad to see that you will try to play my game even after game jam is over. I will do my best to add more levels and mechanics and update the game after the voting period ends.

Thank you for feedback! Right now this game only has one level, but I'm working on it. You can play my game after the voting period is over, I think I will make more levels and maybe even add some mechanics by then.

There is no Camera2D, I think the problem is either in the Project Setting > Display(Window) as you say or in the Export settings, because I changed Project > Export > Web(Runnable) > HTML > Canvas Resize Policy from "Adaptive" to "None".

Very cool and simple game! I love the style.

Cool game! I love it.

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I'm sorry, I think that I exported wrong and because of that there is a problem with viewport or screen size which makes the game unplayable. So, if you read that comment, the game isn't works. You can try to play the game and if it works for you please let me know.

Sorry, I don't know, I think that I exported it wrong. But I can't upload the working game until the voting period(

Cool game)

Beautiful game!!

Cool game, but the levels are  bit empty)

Very cool and fun game, I love the graphics and music)

Hard game, but the graphics and sounds is very good, I would like a bit less birds and a walls, because now you can just move outside the screen)

Great level design, nice graphics and sound)

Fun game) Maybe try lowering viewport a bit. Good luck and bye)

I was surprised when I heard the voiceover. The art and graphics are great, and the gameplay is simple and soothing. I hope that the game will be updated. Good luck and bye)

Thanks for the feedback. At first I wanted more beans to appear after a while, but then they would be too easy to collect, so I gave up on that idea)

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I think it's because Godot 4 has.. unfinished? HTML 5 export. Good luck and bye)

Thanks for the feedback! Mode is disabled but it doesn't work( I fixed the issue where things spawned outside the area. I'll upload a working game next week.