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is the same message error that fluffypetals says

oh thx very useful! im in mac and it happens to me too


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ok so, why it tells me to download flash?

Edit: and to be more exact, it says that i need a JDk, so i touch "more information..." and send me to the install flash page, when i install flash, and i touch play, says me the same but a little bit diffrerent that past, when i click more information again, it send me to adobe JDK or something like that. in summary: i cant play it

for now its my favorite game of itch (i just downloaded like 4 or 5

This needs adobe flash player and they will Eliminate it on december, just a reminder

is a perfect game, but there is a bug, when the station to turn around breaks while turning it still spinning and spinning, until the station activates again  and I turn