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something went wrong in this video, but i hope you like it  (':

i do not know why i put myself through this, im gonna go back to my hentai games

tommy or timmy better be gratful for the trouble i went through, i enjoyed the game tho. 

i feel bad for what i said about the voice actor.. but i loved the game and i enjoyed it very much

i learned that these games are fitting for my channel

i am still a bit salty i did not record the first session but i like the game nontheless, great job buddy.


i love the new update but i couldn't figure out how to turn to a titan so i assume it's time based.

also i would never be able to beat the bosses so that sucks.

start @1:00

i love the aesthetic of this game but i did not even get the serum for whoever was on the phone.

so like idk man i think the serum was important 

i liked it but i wish it was a mouse and keyboard, that would have made it more simplistic and fun

very weird... very funny and i love the smacking sounds 

i had no idea how to work the 3rd person camera but i will in the next video ill make and i had a lot of fun playing it nonetheless. thank you for making such an awesome game!!

i have not been able to play any games lately, but glad i picked this one to play.

No problem man, the game was fun

soooo.. i gave it another chance and hoepefully i managed to entertain better..

also we are friends for ever

luv u BB

i simply hope i was able to entertain and i apologise if i didn't :3

I.... Just was not expecting this at all, it was sudden.

happy pride month.

i think this was very very scary but i was very very tired

i.. have no idea man. i just have no clue

uuhhh... i have no idea man.. i just.. i am so confused on what to take with me now

THANKS FOR MAKING THE GAME. I ENDED UP HAVING BEEF WITH THE DEMON and idk why i decided to write all that in caps but thanks :)

i faced my fears and figured out how to use the keyboard with this game, thanks buddy.


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totally enjoyed playing it

the game is super interesting and hopefully whoever watches this enjoyes it (: