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Logic Leo

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opa , valeu luca :D

oh you are too kind ;D

thank you! that was exactly what i was going for and i'm glad it worked :D

sure :D

really cool!

Thank you :D

i'll check your video out :)

Thank you for the feedback :D

thank you for your feedback and i'm glad you enjoyed :D

hey there! thank you for you feedback :D

i'll check out your video 

thank you :D

thanks for checking the game out :D

hey! thanks for your feedback. The steering wheel turning in the beginning cinematic changes based on framerate and i'm still trying to make one pattern for all PCs. The gun reload times and bullet count decisions were made thinking more from a balancing point, trying to fine tune so that the game is not too easy. Still, i will take your feedback into consideration and i'm thankful that you took the time to give me much appreciated feedback :D

thanks :D

i'll check it out :D

thank you so much :D

thank you :D

thats good to hear :D

thank you so much!

thank you :D

thanks for checking it out and for your feedback! 

thank you for playing it :D

thanks :D

thanks for the feedback and for checking out the game :D

thank you :D

thanks for checking the game out :D

i don't even know what to say haha, thanks dude :D. I have a "Spiritual sequel" of sorts in the works , in terms of the chalkboard graphical style and violence. I'm aiming for a free playable demo by the start of next year

if you want to check it out, it's called "Unlighted" and you can find videos of the development on my channel:

thanks for checking the game out :D

that's weird.. i just tested on chrome and firefox and it's normal for me

thanks for the kind words :D

thanks for checking the game out :D

Hey there! thanks for checking out my game and giving some feedback, i'll take that into account :D

yes, this is completely free :D. The other siren head game is also free. 

Name your price means that you can give as much money as you want, so you can give 0 dolars and get it for free as well. 

i'm glad you enjoyed it :D

thanks a lot :D. It was really fun making it

thank you so much for the review :D

Thank you so much : D

Hey! how's it going?

i just uploaded a video where i feature your game :D
if you want to check it out, here it is:

Thank you so much and good job.

cool , got it

hmm that would be a good idea. i think i didn't feel much when playtesting because i kinda knew when glitches were going to happen. thanks for your feedback :D