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Stuck and confused. Please help!

Hi everyone! Hi Dev! I hope you're having a great day/night!

Anyway, could someone help me understand something here? 

I just checked my logbook and all that's showing uncompleted is Ruined Town: Hang out with Cassie and Alyssa " (May have misspelled the name) and I don't know what to do? I know Alisa interferes with you and Cassie at times but I'm not sure if it's part of it or not? 

I've got the Android version by the way.

Thank you in advance! 馃槉

P S: I saw on one if the patch notes you could bring other characters into the dungeon now. Who are they and how do I get them there?

Hey everyone! 

I'm gonna cut to the chase cause I don't have much time.

I'm in the graveyard tunnels and keep getting lost. Please help with directions to the manor? 

Thanks in advance 馃槉

Wow... just wow. I've played a few games from here and other sites, but not many make wish there was more or that it ended. 

I love both Bel and Neu. Part of me wanted to see some sexy time with her, not gonna lie. 

I was kinda hoping to see who that third reaper is. And the "human" walking around their world! 

All in all: Can't wait to see more to come!

Is this finally done? I played it before and I really liked it but then I came to a sudden end. Kinda killed the mood to keep going.

I have a number of ideas that could possibly be added in the game, if you'd be interested to hear them? 

I'm an aspiring game dev using RPG Maker MV myself. So even if you don't wanna know my ideas, some advice and pointers would be truly appreciated.

I normally do. I just want my magic back! Rinny! Show me magic so I can beat the sexy cow girl!

(Side note: I actually know a guy who's gonna teach my brother and I kickboxing)

*Shrugs* Welp. Time to learn all over again 

Well I'll have to check it out again. But the combat UI/Menu has been changed. It's in the update notes.

The new combat UI confuses me a bit. Last time I played it you could do things like sex moves or just be sexy on tbe get go. You could seduce the slime monster right at the beginning!

Is there a way to ues the old UI or am I missing something? Please help! I really do enjoy this game!

Sorry for the late reply! 馃槄

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I'll admit I've played H-games (We're all here so that's no surprise) but this is by far one of the best games I've played. The other being Book Of Lust, but that's on its own level. I'm about to redownload it to see what's new. I'm aware more animations have been added or in the process of being implement.

Well, I'm always looking forward to seeing what's new! 馃槉

I read something about making some kind of repellent (or something like that) that you'll have to use against mystera. I'm assuming that's what you mean and hopefully gonna add?

Just wanted to know who I can take to the dungeon in this version. Or is it still just Fawn, Rinny and Cassie? Or is Linda gonna join the fun since her and Mystera (I hope I spelt that right) route is done?

I do have it on my PC but it's busy getting fixed (dude needs to get to work for Fucks sake! It's been a while!) so I'm only on my phone for now.

should I send my full details?

1 Gig

almost as soon as I boot it up and hit new game. Furthest I've gotten is the first stream and as I unzipped the game crashed. 

Should I include my phone's details if it will help? If so, can I DM the details to you?

How do I actually talk to Mike when at the machine shop? Also, how far in development is this game? I love it but it seems so tiny

I currently have the 0.69 version and for some reason, the game always crashes a d closes itself. I don't have a top of the line cell phone nor bottom of the line phone. Any help or suggestions?

okay, thanks for the confirmation

Okay, thanks anyway 馃槉

Thanks, I'll give it a try. Any idea of how to set off Bells third event or does she only visit NAC or Transylvania once? As in she only leaves twice

How do I continue Bell's storyline? I've found her in the park and in jail. She hasn't left the farm since and I've already brought Cassie there. Her's and Gin's. I'm using a female character (might go futa) and all I can do right now is spray milk at him.

(I wonder if you can milk Cassie at some stage 馃)

Okay but I have to ask since I'm here: What the fuck do I do with the strange fish!? It's driving me nuts!

On a different note: How do I trigger Bell's third event/escape? That and continue Gin's arch. I'm up to squirting him with breast milk and even found him with Cassie. 

Still using r30 just so you know

Oh dear God 馃槺

my internet is a bit iffy at the moment so I'm gonna download it when I can. I'm also holding back on the meat route until then. 

Keep up the great work! 

Just to make sure in case I don't understand, the meat route will only be done in next update? 

Hello again Indivi! Loving the game but I have 2 questions for you

1: Is Rinny supposed to be your avatar? I see her on the title screen so I'm curious.

2: (My actual question) Where and when can I buy more dungeon equipment? I've seen the stocks at the torture rack but it still says "incomplete" or "not finished yet". Am I missing something? CAN I even buy more equipment? Also is the Meat monster route finished yet?

Thanks in advance and keep up the amazing work 馃槉

You're welcome 馃槉 glad I could help you!

As for Fawn, I've just done Cassies story so should I go for her story all the way?

Personally since I've played a fare bit of the game (at least up to this point. I've spent most of my time exploring NAC to find out how to go to upper NAC) I used the stats modification when you start the game. However to continue from the mirror room, surrender to the next fight after meeting Pixy and then keep going. That or dint touch the mirror. And to learn magic you'll need to go to the library in Succubus Tower and talk to the NPC on the lower left. They'll mention the watchers. After that you must go back to Rinny and when she asked what's the scariest thing, you must pick the watchers. Then she'll teach you. 

I've met Pixie and she's told me to meet her at the mansion. I left her hideout and went back to the crypt, wondered around and now I'm back outside. Second exit I think? Not were you start and not by Pixie's hideout. Please give me directions to progress? Anyone? Dev? Please?

Alright 馃槉 Thanks Cell, I look forward to seeing what's new

Yay! Finally we have fucking sound! (Pun intended) but I just wanted to ask if it includes voice over/moaning sounds? I've asked this before but I just wanna know. Also, I'm guessing parts are still crazy expensive so I'm guessing Android gameplay is gonna be grindy right?

so I'm stuck with only the bed for now? 

PS: How do I update without losing my progress?

And what about getting sex dungeon equipment?

(1 edit)

Indivi, Is there a way to defeat AND capture Mistyra at all? I want to take her to the sex dungeon. Speaking of the sex dungeon, how do I unlock/buy more equipment? I've tried buying the pillory stocks abd it says something like "not finished yet" or something like that?