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Okay so, your game is pretty nice looking, but we can actually jump infinitely.

i just flew threw the level and didn't understood anything that happenned...

It's still really nice and you made a pretty great job! Just forget about the infinite jump and you have a nice game

Sorry for to answer so lately !

Thank you and for the theme it's about the story of the game :

You are the last one of the test dummies and they all got infected by a machine (the red dummies)

But i can understand if you feel like it is not in theme

i am sorry that you didn't liked it but i totally understand it ! 

thank you, i just saw the red dummy glitch and i am sorry for that !

Same for the music  :)

Okay you got the end cinematic and text ?

I would like to know the theme please...

Thank you sooooo much @muro1 !

I am really touched by your reply and I am really proud of me while reading this !

Bye !

I would have liked to play but i am on mac...

Can you build it for mac please ? (and for me)

I builded it you might be able to play it now...

(I hope)

I know I am trying to fix it !

Get back just a little after if you want to have the complete game...

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I setted my game as a webGL so that you can play !

Hope you'll enjoy !

If there is a bug , Call me  back !

Don't worry ! That's totally okay if other people can hear sounds that's what really count...

That's probably a sound bug with my computer but I can hear other things like music or sounds in other games... That's weird...

I think that it's the web player that makes this bug...

But don't worry everything is fine !

You don't have to...  ;)

But the game is really cool and can be played without... That was just for rating that I would have  like to hear some ! 

your welcome ! ;)

Ok sorry i will try to see if it's m fault (I really think it's mine

That was... SO COOL !

I had a lot of fun hearing the death sounds !

You made a really cool game but too easy i Think...

I finished it without taking any damage...

You might have add a Stamina bar that don't leave the possibility to use the shield too much...

But I really loved the game !

But the game is really really cool !

I don't have sound...

Is there ?

There was no sound for me...

your game is really interesting but really hard !

I love your game !

This game is... Special ! a bit long but great !

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normally if you are on windows you can open .app files... If not i don't know. I'll try to make this game in exe file

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normally if you are on windows you can open .app files... If not i don't know. I'll try to make this game in exe file

Good Luck