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LoFi Boi

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"My kingdom grew strong, i name this land now the Kingdom of LoFi."

- King LoFi the I

But damn this game is fun, gameplay is highly functional and intuitive, the art *mwah (chefs kiss) beautifull and full of personality, really brings the game to a certain level of life where you can imagine  your kingdom made of those little characters, music is top notch, gives those "Once upon a time..." vibes, really set the mood for my little war.

Congratulations to the whole team y'all did a awesome work!

Absolute 10/10, when i say that indie games are more fun and creative than 90% of AAA Games i'm talking about games like this!

Lol same here, lemme contact them

Why, thank you!

Amazing game, super captivating, creative and fun, congratulations on making it and would love to pay for more content.

The Cat has made a good game, congratulations dear feline developer.

Bro, AWESOME game, great soundtrack and epic strategic elements even though there ain't no fightin, congrats bro.

I ain't finna cap in here my boi or girl whatevs..this game is liiittttt been playin for a lil while but i juts AbSorVeD all that charisma and art style, you creator, should be VERY proud of yourself congrats.

Ye uuuuhhh...10 outta 10 and simply one of the best games i have ever played.

Palying the game still didn't beat yet, but safe to say it's awesome, the combat is interesting and the AMMO gathering system it's pretty creative cuz it drives me to pay more attention to the cenario and backgrounds of each level, i think it needs a fell tweaks here and there for an example i think the slash atack could be a lil faster as well as the jump could be that and a lil higher i think, but overall great game, yhou really created an ambiance when entering the levels, and the hidden stuff is super well hidden but it gives me a good feeling when i found them (Also the boss been icking my ass).

Great work! <3

BROOO!!! YO GAME IS EPIIIIIIIC!!! This shit was literally better JUST THE DEMO! than somethin i'm playin that i paid full ass price on!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

That was both difficult,frustrating and awesome all at the same time!!

GREAT GAME!! Absolutely LOVED IT!! <3

This finna be epic!

Thank you <3 !

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I'm brazilian, how can i get the game?


Epic game! BTW is it possible to kill the Wolf?