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Have you tried older versions?

And now that I've got the game running without accidentally disappearing my own progress (debug with caution, folks), I can say that this management game definitely scratches my itch. It's cute, it's satisfying, and it keeps you on your toes without driving you nuts. It is, as they say, the bee's knees.

One change I'd like to implement, if it is possible: earmarking resources for an expenditure. On a few occasions, I had almost enough stuff to buy something, like a research project or a refinery upgrade, and when I got enough to get it, I went to click the button to make my purchase, but then the resources got used (usually pollen) and I didn't have enough. I would like some system to earmark resources so that they can't be used, or so that they get used immediately and automatically once they're available. Is this possible?

Yep, that was me. Thank you for spotting that!

A curious bug: the research that I did is disappearing. I put in the time and resources to research how to build just about everything, but now it's saying that I haven't done the research, and now I can't build cells I used to be able to build. Is anyone else having this issue?

What I would like most is having an easier time getting all the possible artifacts. As far as I can tell,  when you research artifacts, the result you get from your research is entirely random. This means that as you collect more artifacts, the likelihood of getting something you haven't already discovered becomes smaller and smaller as you get more of them; when you're trying to collect all 18, progress becomes maddeningly slow, and I get the feeling that I could keep finding and researching artifacts forever without getting them all. Is there a way to make it easier to collect all possible artifacts?