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Hey, if you're using a PC you should be able to turn the sound off in the volume mixer (right click volume settings) for individual programs. It's maybe not ideal, but it does the trick if you want to get rid of the sound.

If you're on Mac or Linux then fuck if I know how to do that, but I wouldn't be surprised it's also possible through similar means.

(no affiliation with the dev, by the way, just thought I could be of some help)

Oh man, this is a seriously beautiful game. I can imagine long hours in this world, going from planet to planet, star to star, maybe while listening to something else, maybe just on its own. Really is a lovely place, everything I hoped No Man's Sky would be before I found out they were adding "survival" and "combat" and "trading" elements. I just want to explore the universe, is that so bad?

Hi I just wanted to say that this game is absolutely wonderful and I love it and good job.

It's also really beautiful, seriously, just gorgeous stuff all the way through.