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its the login part that is the problem that's why whe get that not even getting the change to fill in login info or automatic login doesnt work ether goes strait away to code1
figured out what is the problem
its the Android part off this program which is not able to funktion under windows 10 or any windows appearently
aka the butler part whont or whill not be loaded

ok so that's a new feature under stand that

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NVM i just got it befor you replied.
lol its the same size as the demo that's realy odd.
another thing whats whit the crystal orb at the first map
in the demo it whas disabled
its even disabled on full version

hmm is still DL'ing the demo although i have payed for it now

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that could be. i just bought the game where can i dl the full version.
through humbble bundle

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i found a whit V5 a bug in the level-up window the EXP whont go upafter reach 100 XP. no matter how many i kill i get in screen i earned exp but not getting past 100 and i know there are a lot of skills that are way above 100xpoints