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i agree! since already has the functionality built in for devlogs, it seems like the perfect place to host it.

hiya! nice work so far!

since you are looking for feedback, here's some ideas:

  • some relaxing tunes and/or sounds that are more soothing and less repetitive
  • ability to mute sound in game
  • ability to hide the ui
  • ability to zoom
  • ability to save (i guess that would only be possible with a download version?)
  • a variety of spirit behavior would be nice, either interacting with the items or with each other (i realize this is probably a #ton# of work though!)
  • on that note, i totally vote for a lil spirit who delivers the mail between mailboxes XD
  • a variety of spirit types would be sweet, but that may not be the vibe you're going for
  • it seemed that spirits grouped together create a lot of light. maybe the lightposts could glow a bit brighter similar to the spirits and the train headlight? this is an aesthetic choice so i wouldn't say it's necessary.
  • where is the bathhouse?!? haha, jk

these were the "issues" i ran into while playing:

  • i couldn't figure out to get all the spirits to explore the island. some would walk around but most of them stayed on the platform. do you know why this might have happened?
  • at least one of the spirits on my island seemed "stuck". it might(???) have been that i removed and replaced the building they were in (or near), but that didn't seem to be a problem for other spirits. maybe they were just bored. or shy.

  ( ꈍ ␣ ꈍ )

[i could add a screenshot but i doubt it would be useful.]

we need a full version of MEGALOBUTTS!!!  TT___TT  can't wait to try this out as a morning alarm (or maybe ringtone)!