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I gave it a try and it didn't have any effect, I might try a reinstall, but I'll let you know if I find out what the problem is

Not really sure why, but right now the tool is just not working? I just got it into aseprite and its showing up just fine, but clicking the center button to activate it (selected area or not) just has no effect. Any conflict with magic pencil or FX? I believe those are also extensions you've made. Any ideas?

Give the teams my thanks, great concept. Just needs some love

I found a bug, map is quite small as well. even outside of the tutorial zone. I was also only able to play the Tom Cruise character, the others must have some sort of bug, or at lease need some sort of clarification for an unlock system. Overall OST is really where this game stands out, but maybe with some polishing I'll give it a better review. 

Fantastic game btw! Enjoyed every second

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed!!! <3 <3

Sorry to bother, but there is not visble exe as far as I've found. Any sugestions?