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I don't know if it is on my end but the game screen turns dark with music still playing in the middle of playing.

It seems like that.

Nice update, the game feels more balanced with this update.

You crouch and press X or L, 

Another awesome game .

Thanks, great game btw.

After the recent update the menu screen is filled with little red squares.

you could also add a bestiary and it should work like this, when you kill a new enemy it appears in the bestiary with some info about the enemy.

An option to sell unwanted blueprints for essence would be nice.

ah ok, I haven't played that long yet but I really like it.

You could also ad a coin magnet item to craft, if it is not allready  in the game.

I get a black screen when I start the game.

After the recent update when you hover over an option the game gets stuck.

Same for me.

With the new update the play button doesn't work anymore, just letting you know.

Same with me but it gets stuck with all options, in my case.