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9.9 Out of ten like artis said no full screen other than that beautiful game.

Okay Thank you, again the voice thing wasn't really a problem i just thought it was a bit weird.

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confused as to how no one has commented on this but i'm very excited to play/watch this i watched jacksepticeye play the demo and I cant describe how excited i was and how close to the screen i was. I have done no research on this game to avoid spoilers so that one day i could play it for myself im excited to hear how development goes. (unless its done again no research so sorry if this is rude) also real quick question what is the meaning behind the name? i've been thinking about it so much and i just want to know.

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OOOHHHH im excited to hear everything is in place and I will gladly wait until testing is done... however if you might have a price that this game would be when released that would be nice to know. If no price id determined now thats fine i would just like an assumption of how much money to be prepared to send to a good cause. loved everything in the demo and was so happy while playing it. I had one problem with the voices where two totally different characters had the same voice line chatter  just letting you know but you probably have everything covered. this probably has been fixed and even if not stilll so much fun. id play it even if every noise was the same for everything. good luck with the rest of development.

its not done yet i think so you cant technically get the game. but i just want to know how much its going to be. gonna buy it no matter what eventually but id just like an assumption from the creator on the price.

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Might you have even the slighest idea of when this game would be completed? If not thats fine cant wait to play it it's downloading now.

Edit: just read your most recent post and saw that you said there wasn't a date. also I was going through the options and changed the resolution to lower on accident and it won't go back I dont know if you've fixed this with what you're working on now but its broken for me. Still looking forward to experiencing it though.

Is there a confirmed price that you (HopFrog) will set for steam or will it be free?