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Okay, I just too curious to ask. Is this game in any relation to Towergirls by Chivalric Games? The character artwork are just the same, so I don't if the artist just selling their assets?

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I was a little wary since it's a rpgmaker, but the humor and set up kept me on. It's a fun, short chapter 1 if people are looking for court games like Phoenix Wright. Definitely getting chapter 2!

 Do you consider putting this on steam to get more attention?

Wow, that was a fun game. I was a bit addicted until I level capped. I can't go past wave 15. Those weasels or whatever have a healer!

Really like the game. Sad, that it was short. The story was interesting and wanted more.

Can't find the application or executable file for MAC. 

For me, I like the story and the battle system got me engaged instead of button mashing like a zombie.

There were few texts that were in foreign language. Wished the inspect skill shows how down the enemy's heatlh bar was.

I only did one play-through, so I was wondering would the story drastically changed if I don't help a few characters? Or some choices that can possibly prevent a certain character's death?

Otherwise, great game. Looking forward to ch 2!